Cray XC Series Supercomputers

Cray XC series supercomputers…advancing research, engineering and scientific discovery for all mankind.
Supercomputers make today livable and the future possible by fueling the engineering and research that was recently unimaginable.
Supercomputers help us create game-changing products, better understand the world in which we live, and discover our place in the universe.
The Cray XC series is the next big supercomputing breakthrough for researchers and engineers, delivering sustained application performance, upgradability and scalable configurations.
Cray specializes in supercomputing optimization for scalable and sustained application performance.
We optimize high-density processor/memory design, interconnects, networks and operating systems, and even software programming tools.
Performance improvements from the Cray XC series systems and DataWarp I/O acceleration technology enhance user productivity and accelerate time to results.
Cray is the dominant choice worldwide for weather centers that run forecasting models around the clock to update and publish forecasts numerous times per day, 365 days a year. In these production environments, sustained performance and reliability are critical and delivered by Cray.
For other compute-heavy applications, such as big bang research, systems have to ingest, iterate and simulate huge datasets, then process and submit the results. In past decades, supercomputers couldn’t meet the challenge. The Cray XC series finally makes this cutting-edge research possible.
XC series compute technology can also be easily leveraged for a broad range of commercial applications, including engineering, oil and gas, finance, life sciences and other competitive industry segments.
For state-of-the-art datacenters, Cray XC series supercomputers deliver solutions for both standalone air cooling and transverse airflow liquid assist cooling.
Customers can reduce infrastructure and TCO expenses by implementing the Cray XC series’ upgradable and energy-efficient systems.
The XC delivers an adaptive supercomputing architecture that supports new compute blades, processors, accelerators and additional cabinets to scale performance. Systems can be scaled from one to 200+ cabinets to ensure that users get the specific capabilities that they need.
Cray supercomputers make possible the science and engineering that formerly was impossible, too expensive or too dangerous.
Cray XC series supercomputers. Enabling scientific breakthroughs that we experience in our everyday lives.
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